Gifts For Your Muay Thai Trainers

Gifts For Your Muay Thai Trainers.

It wasn’t that long ago I wrote an article about getting a gift for a Personal Trainer, and it reminded me of those moments I saw westerners who had trained at the camp for a couple of weeks or months to try and find a gift for their trainer. Even though there are many Muay Thai Trainers at Sinbi, you tend to create an attachment or relationship with one or two in particular, and it’s not uncommon for people to buy them gifts for all the hard work and effort they gave them.

But the problem was, they never knew what to get and almost always ended up gifting them something pretty generic. We all know it’s the thought that counts, but just because Thailand has a famous whiskey called Sang Som that’s incredibly cheap doesn’t mean you should buy it for your trainer. Chances are, when they drink whiskey, it’s the only one they use because it’s very common and pretty cheap. So if you want to give them a gift they will appreciate, then get them something they would never be able to afford or do.

Below are my top 5 gifts I would recommend giving your Muay Thai instructor:

Jonny Walker Black Lable

If you are going down the route of buying them some alcohol, then as mentioned above, don’t hit them up with the famous cheap one. Get them an expensive brand, something they would rarely drink. Jonny Walker Black Lable is just an example. It’s a good whiskey, most trainers like whiskey, and it’s easy to find. Almost all 7/11’s will have this whiskey for sale. But make sure your Muay Thai Trainer does drink, and maybe ask Gerry if you are unsure. She will know.

Support Brace

Many Trainers have injuries from their fighting days. These injuries get worse over the years of teaching and holding pads for people. Some of them will have a sports brace to help support the injury during training, but you can see they are usually worn out and not very supportive. They would never buy a nice, expensive branded support brace. So, if your trainer has an injury strapped up, buying one of these will put a smile on his face, and every day they will put it, they will remember you.

Something from Your Country

Suvenieers are great, but buying some Thailand trinkets that are not from the local market is not ideal gifts for your trainer. However, if you did bring something from your home country, that would make a perfect sentimental gift. There are some shops like “Food For Foreigners” that import things from western countries so you can get something from there. Or next time you come and train at Sinbi Muay Thai, don’t forget to bring a couple of gifts unique to your country. 

Dinner With The Family

Another excellent idea would be to invite the trainer and his family out for dinner. Taking them somewhere they would not usually be able to go. Somewhere that special and has good Thai food. Maybe they might be able to recommend a place. Eating with your trainer and their family is a great cultural experience for both you and them and an excellent way to end your Muay Thai training holiday.

Personal Touch

Getting them something personal requires you to get to know them outside of the gym. For example, most Muay Thai trainers at Sinbi love football, so getting a football shirt from their favourite team or favourite player would put a big smile on their face. I also never met a Thai trainer who didn’t like fishing. So maybe buying them a good fishing rod or taking them on an all-day fishing trip would be ideal.

What about straight up Cash?

This one isn’t a bad option. It’s just not personal or much of a gift per se. It’s more like a “tip”, the same way you would give a waitress at a restaurant. Don’t get me wrong, they will appreciate it a lot, and if you don’t have time or the means to find that perfect gift, then this is the ideal fallback option. How much? Well, that is entirely up to you and your financial situation.

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