#1 Muay Thai Fights Phuket

Sinbi Muay Thai Stadium

Join us for the most exciting Muay Thai Fights in Phuket.

Every Saturday 9:00PM till Midnight

About Sinbi Muay Thai

Sinbi Muay Thai Stadium is one of the newest stadiums in Phuket. We pride ourselves on hosting some of the best and most entertaining fights. We host Muay Thai Thai shows every Saturday, and sometimes, we host special events and extra shows during the week.

Each show has about 8 to 9 fights starting at 9pm so make sure you arrive before that to get situated. The show usually ends around midnight.

Our new stadium has the capacity to seat 400 to 500 people with a possible additional 200 standing. Food, water, beers, snacks, etc, are sold at the Stadium.

We offer a shuttle bus Taxi Service to and from our Stadium. To arrange this please contact: +66 (0) 895 464 426

How To Book Tickets?

You can come to our gym and buy tickets directly at the front desk or buy them on entry on the night of the stadium. But we recommend booking in advance if you want to get good seats, especially on the big shows. You can do that by contacting us via E-Mail: Camp@SinbiMuayThai.com

Bleacher Seats

1,500 Baht

The stadium seating is set on bleachers that have a great raised view.

Sinbi Muay Thai Stadium Bleachers

Ringside Seats

1,800 Baht

Get close to the action with Ringside seats right next to the fighter’s walkway.

VIP Ringside

2,500 Baht

Get as close to fighters as possible in style and comfort with our VIP Ringside seats.


Sinbi Muay Thai Stadium is located inside their Muay Thai Training camp. The camp is located in Rawai, which is South of Phuket. You can click on Google Maps here to find the exact location.

Muay Thai Stadium Fights Phuket Sinbi
Phuket Muay Thai Fights in Phuket Sinbi Stadium
Sinbi Muay Thai Stadium Phuket Fights
Muay Thai Fights in Phuket Sinbi Stadium
Sinbi Muay Thai Stadium Fights Phuket

Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Q)


Yeah, the Sinbi Muay Thai Stadium has plenty of car and bike parking. There are ushers there to help you navigate to empty parking spaces.

Stadium Private Bookings?

Yes, there is a Taxi service to and from the stadium. If you wish to book a Taxi to the Muay Thai fights, then please call: +66 (0) 895 464 426

Can I book online?

You can book online by contacting us via E-Mail: Camp@SinbiMuayThai.com

Can I bring my own Food & Drinks

You can buy snacks and beverages at the stadium or at the local food carts outside the stadium. But you are NOT allowed to bring your own food and drinks.

What about alchole?

We sell bears, spirits and mixers at the stadium. But you CAN NOT bring your own alcohol from the outside.

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