These are some of the most commonly asked questions we get asked. If we can assist you in any way, please let us know. If you have a question that’s not on here, please feel free to contact us or jump on our Discord and ask us there.

What skills do I need before training at Sinbi?

You don’t need any skills or experience to come and train at Sinbi. We cater for all abilities, from professional fighters to total beginners alike. The trainers will always teach you the basics before you progress.

What are the training prices?

There are many different training options and packages to choose from. Please check out our Pricing section.

Where can I stay while training at Sinbi?
What should I bring with me?

You will need your own gloves, shin pads, wraps, groin and mouthguard. We supply 16oz gloves for sparring. Everything that you need for training is also available for sale in our shop. Glove and shin pad rental is available for 50 thb per day although we try to discourage the use of shared equipment in order to prevent the spread of bacterial infections such as staph. You will also need loose clothing that you can move freely in and running shoes if you want to run before training.

Do you have a gear shop? Prices? What's available?

Yes, we do. We have all the fundamental gear needed for training. We stock Sinbi brand gear as well as Twins and Top King. Stock varies from week to week and prices vary depending on brand, style and weight of glove. Gloves typically start at 2000 thb, shin pads start at 2500thb. Muay Thai shorts 1,000 thb and Sinbi T-shirts/ tanks start at 500thb.

Do you rent scooters? How much do you charge?

Yes- Most students choose to rent scooters whilst here and we do both scooter and car rental from the gym and bicycles can be rented locally. Scooter prices start from 300 thb per day and go up depending on the make of the bike. Rental can be arranged once here and paid for in cash or by credit card. Please make sure you have valid insurance to ride a scooter in Thailand always wear your helmet!

Where can I eat?

There are plenty of places to eat within a 3km radius from the gym and from the Sinbi Apartments, catering for all tastes and budgets. Healthy western food is readily available as is local Thai food.

Where are you located?

Located in the Rawai  area,  Sinbi is one of the best locations of any gym in Thailand. We are 3km from one of the most scenic beaches (Nai Harn) on the Island and just a 10/15 minute scooter ride from Kata beach/ town.

How can I fight for Sinbi?

If you are going to represent and fight for Sinbi, we need to see you train hard and give us everything you have on a daily basis. The trainers will monitor your training and will then decide if you are able to fight or not. Typically fights are confirmed a minimum of 2 weeks in advance so unfortunately if you are training with us for a duration shorter than that you will not be able to fight.

Can I train just 1 session and how much does it cost?

Sure you can! You are welcome to come along to any of the sessions. The cost is 500 thb per class.

What does a typical Muay Thai class look like?

Running: Running is not mandatory (unless you are preparing to fight) but strongly suggested.
Warm-Up: Running on mats, skipping, followed by stretching.
Shadow Boxing: whilst shadow boxing the trainers will observe and start correcting your technique and gauge what sort of level you are at. Shadowboxing improves footwork, coordination, technique visualization, cardio and conditioning.
Pad work: Here at Sinbi you always get 5 rounds lasting 3 minutes each of hitting pads with the trainers, working on developing correct technique, speed, power and stamina.
Technique: Instruction and correction on various techniques and combinations by the trainers.
Bag work: At least 5 rounds of working techniques on a variety of different bags.
Muay Thai and boxing sparring.
Conditioning: Drills on the bag, push-ups, sit-ups etc
Cooldown stretching

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