One of the best things about travelling to Thailand and training Muay Thai is the friends you make and the people you meet. We try to contact each other via social media, but when months and years, that soon fades. But with the Sinbi Muay Thai discord, we can all share our experiences, photos, videos all in one place. Plan trips with others, ask questions, recommendations etc. The Sinbi Muay Thai discord is a great place for the Sinbi family from around the world can gather in one place anytime and from anywhere.

What is Discord

Discord is an app similar to WhatsApp where people in a group can contact each other. But unlike WhatsApp, it’s far more interactive and organized. For example, you can not have 1,000 people in 1 WhatsApp group without utter chaos. Everyone would wake up to hundreds of messages every morning, and most would either leave or permanently mute the group chat.

With Discord is a lot different. Sinbi Muay Thai has its own Discord Server with multiple chat channels inside it, where everything can be categorized and organized. Like a channel to share your photos, another channel to share your videos, a recommendations channel etc. 


  • No racist or sexist remarks.
  • Try to avoid sensitive subjects.
  • No self-promoting or similar services.
  • No advertising other discord channels.
  • No talking about Thai Monarchy or local politics. 
  • No nudity/vulgar/obscene pictures/memes/videos

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