Clean The Beach Boot Camp

If you love coming to Phuket to train hard and then relax on the beautiful clean beaches, then Clean The Beach Boot Camp, or CBBC for short, is just the thing for you. It gives you the opportunity to train on the beach and help keep the beaches clean and beautiful.

It’s a free event, and the premise is simple, “first we train, then we clean” a free 45min workout suited for all levels is given to all who turn up. The training can be a mix of simple exercises, team games, and a stretching/yoga cool off. After that, everyone is given gloves and a bag and sent off to clean any trash they see on the beach for an hour. CBBC was ranked top 10 things to do in Phuket before the pandemic by the Bangkok times.

CBBC Video Karon Beach

CBBC Video Boat Trip

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