10 Great Benefits Of Yoga For Men

  10 Great Benefits Of Yoga For Men

Are you serious about your fitness level? Have you also been considering taking up Yoga to take your fitness level up a few notches? Then, buddy, you’re moving absolutely in the right direction! And especially so for all the men out there, because today we focus on all the great benefits of Yoga for men in this article.

Comparatively, men tend to shy away from Yoga. But, of course, it could just be some old-school narrow-mindedness, or perhaps the high level of flexibility associated with Yoga is a bit too intimidating for some. Well, if you’ve had such thoughts too, then it’s only because of lack of information!

The number of health benefits that Yoga provides is far too many. However, this is an age-old practice that has withstood the test of time. We believe in a holistic approach to fitness and encourage combining such different schools of fitness. And since this article is aimed at all the dudes out there looking to improve their fitness level, continue reading to understand how Yoga can help boost your fitness.

#1: Yoga Improves Your Breathing

If you’ve practised martial arts or any sports seriously, then you know the importance of breathing correctly. Unfortunately, even though it is one of the most natural acts, most people tend to breathe incorrectly. This is to say that they don’t use the lungs to their full capacity leading to numerous health conditions as you grow older.

Yoga helps you to correct this by teaching proper and deep breathing exercises such as “Pranayam”. Other than such specific exercises, yoga also encourages the practice of meditation, where you specifically focus on breathing deeply. The increased oxygen supply that your body gets through this not only improves your health but can also help you get the most out of your regular workout.  Physical Benefits Of Meditation

#2: Yoga Helps You Attain Better Balance, Flexibility & Coordination

We never said that yoga was easy! Of course, the intention is not to scare you. On the contrary, here you won’t find your teacher standing behind you and shouting at you to go beyond your limit. Instead, in yoga, you remain relaxed and slowly but consistently train your body to execute the various exercises or ‘asanas’ correctly.

When practised regularly, these exercises help lengthen the muscle and strengthen the smaller muscle groups that are otherwise ignored. This will, over time, increase your flexibility and also improve your balance & coordination.

#3: Yoga Gives You A Wider Range Of Motion

The various exercises in Yoga might seem weird at first to those who don’t know much about Yoga. However, they help address an essential fitness aspect that tends to ignore in old school gym workouts. And that is to give your body overall training, including muscle groups that are otherwise ignored.

Popular gym workouts like the bench press, bicep curls etc., might give you bulging biceps to show off, but that is not saying much about your overall fitness. On the other hand, Yoga ensures you are training in all 3 Planes Of Motion, thereby attaining not just a wider range of motion but also a higher fitness level.

#4: Yoga Helps In Preventing Injuries

With better balance, coordination, flexibility and range of motion, you become less prone to injuries. Additionally, the various exercises in yoga help to correct your posture, which can easily be bad due to poor lifestyle habits. With such fitness benefits, you will be able to train harder without sustaining any injuries.

#5: Yoga Boosts Your Immune System

The various exercises in yoga help to contract different muscles groups such that they release more lymphatic fluids. These fluids contain white blood cells that help the body to fight against viruses and diseases. In addition, the deep breathing exercises in yoga also helps to clear the bronchial passage that tends to contain viruses. In this way, by improving your immune system, yoga can help to stay in top condition and even train harder!

#6: Yoga Helps Reduce Stress

It is far too common to find people having a lifestyle that puts their bodies under a lot of stress in today’s hectic world. If you’re not careful, you would have collected a lot of stress before you know it, which could lead to numerous health complications over time.

The Stress Bucket Model paints a detailed picture of how stress can affect our health and relieve stress. And that is also something that Yoga is well known for! All the deep breathing, meditation and other exercises help in releasing a lot of stress.

#7: Yoga Helps You Relax & Get Better Sleep

It must be pretty evident by now that Yoga helps you to relax much better. By preventing injuries, improving your immune system, releasing all the excess stress, and the extra supply of oxygen from all the deep breathing, Yoga will have you relaxed and stress-free. Along with an excellent overall workout, Yoga will also have you sleeping like a baby!

#8: Yoga Leads To Balanced Physical & Mental Development

You have seen so far how Yoga helps improve your physical fitness in numerous ways. But that is not all it does. Yoga also helps to improve your mental health as well vastly. By being more relaxed and stress-free, your mind is already in a much better state. Performing the various exercises in Yoga also requires you not to be distracted and have a clear mind. This helps in giving you more clarity and improving your focus and concentration.

#9: Yoga Helps You Have Better Sex!

With an improved mental state, relaxed and stress-free body, even your anxiety levels go down. But, unfortunately, stress & anxiety are closely associated with sexual performance issues. Yoga, as we have seen, tackles both of these as well as other related matters. Add to this the increased flexibility and range of motion, and you can probably tell why those who practise yoga have a much better sex life than those who don’t!

#10:Yoga Makes You More Productive

With Yoga, soon, you will be in your top physical condition with no injuries, a relaxed body and a lot of energy. You will also have a stress free and clear head. In addition, your focus and concentration levels would have increased. These traits make you ready to take on the world, and you will find that your productivity levels have also vastly improved!

You see, there is much to gain from adding Yoga to your fitness toolkit. Not only does it improve your physical fitness but your mental fitness levels as well. By including Yoga as a part of your fitness routine, you will find an improved performance in your regular workout as well. Even we encourage such a combination due to the many benefits of Yoga for men. If you are in Thailand and have any doubts regarding how you can include Yoga into your training, then drop by the Simbi Muay Thai Gym, and we’ll be glad to help you out!

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